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- Bank transfer – choose bank transfer when ordering

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Postal and package fee

01-03 pcs:        19 €
04-24 pcs:        14 €
25-48 pcs:        28 €
49-72 pcs:        42 €
73-96 pcs:        56 €

Postal and package fee includes:

insurance of product

The prices are total gross and includes the VAT.
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4-10 working days from ordering. We can't delivery to the UK!!!

Roses can be ordered while stock lasts. Check on our website the availability of varieties. Delivery fees are informative only. Exact price will be created by pieces and weight. The package will also contain the invoice of the order.

Courier Service will deliver your ordered roses right to your door. To identify your package you will need your package number handy at delivery which we will send to you by email if needed.


Delivery between 8.00AM-5.00PM

More information about your delivery from GLS’s customer service

Or track your package by the following link: GLS tracking

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Our complain procedure

If you have any problem reagarding the ordered products please write your complain to us to:

[email protected]

All complains must be in writing. In case of rightful complain we will change the product for free but postal fee still has to be paid by the customer.


Data protection:
We inform you that your name, address and email address will be kept in our data base and we will use it for sending offers. By the law of data protection you have the right to forbid to give your personal informations to third parties.

We will give your personal informations to third party until you forbid to do this in writing.

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Company informations

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