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Leonardo da Vinci® ROMANTIC

MEIdeauri pharmaROSA®

Grown in 2 liters pot, one year old rose in pot, can be planted all the year except when it frozes.

Pale pink - nostalgia rose


Fragrance: discrete fragrance
Height: 2,3-4,9 ft
Disease: Not susceptible.
Remontancy: Well reflowering– second blooming is abundant
Leonardo da Vinci®
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We describe now the appearance of the roses you buy from us online.


Meaning of the name: -
Synonymic name: -
Registered species name: MEIdeauri
Original commercial name: Leonardo da Vinci
Commercial name: ROMANTIC pharmaROSA® Leonardo da Vinci MEIdeauri
Exhibition name accepted by American Rose Society: Leonardo da Vinci


Treder: pharmaROSA®
Awards: Monza GM (1993)
Year became commerc: -
Year of registration: -
Year of breeding: France, 1993
Breeder: Alain Meilland


Rose group: Romantica, Floribunda
Commercial type: nostalgia rose
Commercial group: Romantic rose


Number of petals: 26-40
Flower fullness: full double
Aroma: tea rose fragrance
Scent: discrete fragrance
Remontancy: Well reflowering– second blooming is abundant
Flower size: L (2,75-3,95 in)
Inflorescence: cluster-flowered
Flower shape: rosette
Flower colour: pale pink
Colour: pink
Colour code: lPi


Plant range: 2,6-3,3 ft
Planting / sq feet: 10-20/sq ft
Width: 3-3,9 ft
Height: 2,3-4,9 ft
Habit: Very much, regularly arranged petalled round, stuffed flowers with frangrance and continuously blooming.
Foliage: shiny, dark green foliage
Thorns: thorny


Winter hardiness USDA: -18°C
Susceptibility to disease: Not susceptible.


Previously used trademark: Leonardo da Vinci
Comment: -


Profile: -
Product type: Grown in 2 liters pot, one year old rose in pot, can be planted all the year except when it frozes.
Product name: Leonardo da Vinci - pink - nostalgia rose
Type of identity: tested
Species quality: premium bronze

Product ID

Item number: 52-513 (05.01.2019. 10:43)

Rose hip

Hip biggest diameter: -
Hip shape: -
Hip colour: -

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